Dream Fair works with artists to create interactive installations for events.  These unique and engaging experiences raise money for causes that positively impact our world.

We’re on a mission to turn every event into a fundraiser. Here’s how.

LOCAL ARTISTS – We partner with local artists to create unique, inspiring art installations that engage participants in immersive artistic experiences. (Learn more)

WE DONATE TO CAUSES THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE– We give donations directly to organizations that have passed rigorous qualification standards. (Learn more)

BRAND SPONSORSHIP – Brands with a vision of a balanced earth support our artists by sponsoring pop-up art installations at events. (Learn more)

EVENT ORGANIZERS – We assist hard-working event organizers in covering overhead costs for their events. (Learn more)

The state of the world can be overwhelming, to say the least.  Nearly half of the global population is living on less than $2.50/day.  We believe in the power of human intelligence to eliminate poverty, heal our environment and bring balance to our planet.

When you collaborate with Dream Fair, you are directly supporting artists in creating interactive installations that engage participants in unique artistic experiences.  These installations raise funds to support high-impact nonprofit organizations.

DREAM of a FAIR earth, and create one together.