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We are a network of artists who create interactive installations for events. These unique and engaging experiences raise money for important causes that positively impact our world.


Turn any event into a fundraiser

Our pop-up art installations help raise money for important causes that transform the world. We only work with organizations that have been recognized by the Centre for Effective Altruism, so you can be sure that every dollar is doing its best to help our planet.


Collaborate with us

Looking to contribute your artwork, sponsor an installation or add an interactive art piece to your event? Contact us to let us know how we can support you.

We dream of more love, compassion, unity, balance, and health. We DREAM of a FAIR earth.

We believe in the human capacity to create a fair earth. Our minds and hearts are in sync, making intelligent decisions on how to effectively impact our world.

Every art installation we create has an educational component that raises money for non-profit organizations.

Why collaborate with Dream Fair?

Nearly half of the global population is living on less than $2.50/day. It would take an estimated $175 billion annually to end global poverty. This represents less 1% of the combined income of the richest countries in the world. The state of the world is overwhelming, to say the least. We believe in the power of human intelligence to eliminate poverty, increase education, and bring balance to our planet.

Why give cash. GiveDirectly
We are raising money for GiveDirectly, an organization that is running the first large-scale experiments in Universal Basic Income. They deliver unconditional cash transfers to the extreme poor. Their studies consistently show that recepients of these transfers don’t blow that money on alcohol, cigarrettes and other “temptation goods.” Instead, they invest in their businesses and children, generating increases in future income. They aim to set new benchmarks for impact and the way people view charitable giving. They are backed by GiveWell,, and – most importantly – rigorous evidence.  


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